A new webinar!

I’m trying something new (change is good right?!!)

Here’s the thing, I am ridiculously and satisfyingly busy at the moment and it means I don’t have as much time to do the one-on-one coaching with people who want to move into change management. Since my book has been released, I’ve been getting more and more requests for the coaching.

So what to do? Try group coaching via webinar!

The first one kicks off Nov 29 (Wednesday evening) and is already half full. I’m deliberately keeping them small and intimate so participants have opportunity to ask questions. Depending on demand, I may offer weekend offerings as well.

The webinar will follow the process I use in the one on one coaching — we use a change methodology on YOU!

This way, not only do you work out how to change from your current state to your future state but we bolster your knowledge in what to do in the role.

Be the change, you want to see.

All the way, peppering you with nuggets of gold and change management wisdom. Perhaps some Dr Jen tough love too 😉

When you land your dream role, you can have evidence of a successful change initiative already!

Who’s it for?

People who have been wondering about change management and how they might get into it.

You might be a business analyst, a project manager, a teacher, a social worker. It’s suitable for all backgrounds.

No assumed knowledge is required.

You’ll be sent a workbook in advance, and invite to the webinar AND a copy of my book on completion. Sorry, no steakknives.

The webinar will be recorded so you can review later as you need.

I’m starting them at $149 including GST.

What do you have to lose?

Register now, or let me know if you have interest at another time.


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