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The 10 Year Retro

10 YEARS! 10 freaking years!  Yes, ten years ago, I was saying farewell to my academic colleagues in the Department of Management and Marketing in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at Melbourne University and making the lead to start my own consultancy. And how...

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The Change Pick-n-Mix

  Introducing The Change Pick-n-Mix!  How fitting that on the day of the 12-month anniversary of that rather fabulous collaboration of a book launch event between Lena Ross and I, we announce a new collaboration: The Change Pick-n-Mix! It’s a very sweet offering,...

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A good day at the office

  So last week was cool in a career highlight kinda way and I reckon there might be a few of you interested in what happened. I had success with a very short but intense activity where we co-created a change road map tailored for six different audiences in 25 minutes...

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5 Qualities Change Leaders Need

Earlier this month I had the great pleasure of speaking at the 13th CEO & Chair Symposium in Hobart. I had been asked to provide my thoughts on how leaders of associations can juggle the duties of transformation and Business as Usual (BAU).  In thinking this through,...

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