Want to build your understanding of what’s important in change but don’t have the time for the courses or the budget for the consultants?

The Transformation Treasure Trove (Series I and II) can help you!

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What you’ll get in each series

  • 40 individual nuggets of change management gold
  • Several change and communication jargon busters / observations
  • 10 links of my most popular blog posts on change and communication
  • 6 – 10 mirrors of opportunity for change and communication reflection
  • 15 -22 pages of change and communication experience drawn from applied experience in multiple industries, and academic endeavour and 2300+ words of insight and goodness!


Insanely good value – Series I & II now free

Who should invest?

The Transformation Treasure Trove offers value across disciplines

  • Project Managers
  • Communication Advisors and Managers
  • Marketing and comms agencies
  • IT managers
  • Change analysts
  • Change managers
  • HR advisors and managers


Is it for you?

And of course it offers amazing value for anybody who has ever thought:

“Far out this woman gives such good content”

“Gee whiz Jen, really helped me with that”

“I can’t believe she gives so much of her time for this industry / community”

“Wow, my thinking really changed after just one chat”

“I really owe her a coffee for that”

“OMG – she RTd me!”

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What do the Change Managers say?

Jennifer has done it again. She somehow manages to take complex concepts and put them into language that anyone can understand. I’ve got my whole team now receiving the change nuggets and they often reference the little pieces of gold!Change management isn’t rocket science, and unfortunately some change managers get caught up in the jargon and the deliverables, they forget about actually helping people through the process. Jennifer’s treasure trove is one I will reference when I need to remind others (and myself) how to stay the course, and keep things simple. Thanks Jennifer for your words of wisdom. Julianne Dimitrios Project / Change Manager, Energex

Jennifer is one of the most switched on change managers I know. She consistently demonstrates her depth of knowledge and experience in change management, communications and stakeholder engagement. The Transformation Treasure Trove is packed full of the highest carat gems to inspire and guide you in all facets of change management. Whether you’re a business leader, experienced change manager or project professional, The Transformation Treasure Trove is an essential read. – Jenny Vandyke, Principal Change Management and Innovation Consultant, Zumbara Consulting. ~ Jenny Vandyke, Principal Change Management and Innovation Consultant, Zumbara Consulting

What do the Communicators Say?

The area of change management and communication is awash with jargon and navel gazing. Jennifer strips away the crap and gets to the heart of the matter with nuggets of wisdom based on her extensive practical experience in the space. With the fluff filtered out, what you’re left with in this condensed e-book are sharp bursts reflective of the key elements of strategic change communication. ~ Trevor Young PR Warrior

Jennifer’s Change Nuggets are tiny pieces of strategic gold. Her down-to-earth and practical approach is refreshing in a field that’s often full of jargon and management-speak that’s designed to make the author look good but doesn’t offer much in the way of clarity for readers. She sees organisational change for the complex beast it is, but is able to break it down into comprehensible and surprisingly simple concepts. Personally, I very much like that she appreciates the difference between change management and change communication—and, most importantly, the fundamental interconnection between the two disciplines. ~ Melissa Dark, Melissa Dark & Associations

Change can often seem complex and quite frankly fraught with danger at times, Transformation Treasure Trove series one is full of great tips & ideas to simplify the complexity of change. These nuggets are great take aways that get you to think through your approach on various aspects of change and for those of us who constantly work with change a refreshing reminder that the complex is actual quite simple. ~ Adrian Cropley ABC International Chair of IABC, Director Cropley Communication

What do the Project Directors and Managers say?

The trick for those of us who work in change is to thing about communicating during change, not communicating the change…”The Transformation Treasure Trove (40 Nuggets of Change Management and Gold Communication) is an essential companion to any professional engaged in change management. Regardless of your industry, the principles of good change management and communication are universal, and this Treasure Trove contains some real nuggets to help make your change less painful and substantially more effective. ~ Jo Tracey Business Manager, Change and Suppliers

I understand that Project Managers are often firefighting and personally driving tasks to make ever tightening deadlines, but if you are serious about moving from project co-ordination and management roles into program leadership roles, say being a Program Director, then my tip is to spend at least some time every day thinking about some non-urgent, but important stuff. Things like how best to build organisation-wide confidence, support and capability or how to maximise any opportunities presented or better manage the truly big risks.Jennifer’s Change Nugget e-book is almost cheating in that it requires almost no time to dip into it each day yet prompts busy people to think about some really important but non-urgent things. ~ Donna Hardman  Quadrant 2 Consulting

What do the Consultants say?

These meaningful bites of wisdom about change management and communication from an experienced practitioner can strike a chord with anyone interested in the subject.  The blend of succinct practical tips, reflective observations and thought challenges will provide insights and ideas to a range of people from the experienced professional to the business person being exposed to the concept of change for the first time.  The language is easily understood and the scenarios are real life. ~ Joanne King Consulting Director, Cubic Consulting

If you work in change or communications you need this e-book. In it you’ll find practical tips and tools you can use every day. Dr Jennifer Frahm has condensed her considerable change expertise into clear, bite size chunks of pure wisdom. ~ Chris Dvoracek Transform Consulting

What do the Executives say?

This e-book is a beauty. It’s one thing to provide a resource that has useful information for CEOs, GMs and Executives and another thing entirely to provide one that will get referred to more than once. Because it draws on the years of experience of its author and is packaged so cleverly, this e-book definitely falls into the latter category. Well done and thank you Jennifer for this wonderful resource. ~ Kane Bowden Chief Executive Officer, Lighthouse Foundation