I mean wow.

Thank you SO much.

Yesterday, I launched my first e-book, “The Transformation Treasure Trove – 40 Nuggets of Change Management and Communication Gold”, and what a day!


It has had a great response, and I have had so many wonderful messages via Linkedin, email, twitter and Facebook. Thank you all so much, I’m working my way through them.  I am really delighted that you have found the book useful to you.  I have also had a few questions so I thought I would cover them off here.

I love the look of it, who did it?

Thank you. I used Celsius Design to do the design and layout and Alyte Creative to do the web page and paypal integration. Both crews are nothing short of awesome to work with. Utterly delightful experiences and both of them exceed expectations. Content of e-book and copy of sales page is mine.

I don’t get the numbering and the flags — what’s with that?

You’re not alone. So this book started as a fortnightly emailed “Change Nugget” series at the end of 2009, so Change Nugget #1, Change Nugget #2, Change Nugget #3.  I chose to present them in the book not in the order of the emails, but by higher order themes “emotions of change”, “stakeholder engagement”, this meant that Change Nugget 17 may come before Change Nugget 3. I thought about the fibonacci sequence, because it’s like the most beautiful set of numbers, but I would have to write a lot more nuggets. Give me time.  I’m really sorry if I have disturbed you — look on the bright side, puzzles with numbers keep your brain very active and healthier.

I’m into sustainability and don’t want to print this out to write my reflections in the mirror, mirror sections.

You don’t have to — this has been designed with editable boxes where you can type in your thoughts.

I paid and then nothing was delivered?

How frustrating! I have had three people have this experience so far. In one case it was a delayed email delivery (with the download link), in the other it was a link with something that didn’t work. The third just didn’t happen. Please contact me if this happens — I can see if you have paid and will send you the pdf. I’m sorry.

I don’t have a paypal account

The page you are directed to is run by paypal — you don’t need a paypal account, it will give you the option of paying by credit card.

I hate paypal – why would you use it?

Hmm. Yes, I have had my frustrations with paypal in the past both as vendor and customer. However, after investigating the options this was the system that was most widely used, had the least restrictive T&Cs, could be easily integrated, and had the least processing fees. I am considering Amazon for further releases but the administration to do so seems onerous for a $3.50 e-book. I’m also reluctant to release a text only version — I think the visual side of the book assists in reflection and inspiration.

I can’t use paypal – it asks for information I don’t have

I’ve had this too with paypal eg it doesn’t recognise PO Boxes — I have found though that even if your billing statement goes to a po box, if you put in a home or street address that Australia Post recognises as attached to your name it will go through. I don’t know how this works for outside of Australia.

If this remains an issue and you really, really want it let me know. I’ll add an admin fee and issue an invoice for online transfer of funds. But I can’t promise I will be as quick…

Paypal doesn’t recognise my country.

Hmm. Ok, let me know if this is the case and I’ll see if there is something I can do.

When is Volume Two out?

When the next 20 change nuggets are published! If you can’t wait, sign up for the series delivered to you fortnightly or become a friend of the Facebook Page

I know some-one who really needs this – I can share it with them right??

I would prefer you share the page with them so they can buy their own copy. See all those lovely icons at the bottom of the page? Share away!!

Because, seriously, it’s a slippery slope. One minute you are sharing pdfs that are worth SO MUCH MORE than $3.50 / $6.50 to knowledge wombles, and then next you are hotwiring a Mercedes SLK … not cool.

That’s what I’ve got for now, if you have more questions let me know and I’ll add.

Thank you all again for your support!

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