Can you believe we are here? December 2019. The last blog post for the year. Actually, it’s the last blog post on Conversations of Change. Ever. 

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a huge year for me.

Clients in Silicon Valley, clients in the cemetery sector, local government, keynote speaking at overseas conferences, keynotes locally.

Terrific collaborations – starting up the Agile Change Leadership Institute with Lena Ross, starting up Busting Silos with Melissa Dark.

Watching new voices enter the arena with the Change Blog Challenge.

I even got my very own speakers reel! 


I’ve always said I’m a starter, not a finisher. But hey, here we are. I can finish too. 

A big motivation for me with this site was to share ideas, resources and content that ensures we as a community lift our game. We do change better as a result. 

The other day as I was reading the reflective essays from students in the Agile Change Leadership Certificate, and I got rather emotional. They were writing about how they were trying new practices we teach in the certificate program and getting surprising results, exciting results. They wrote of their apprehension, their nervousness, their excitement and pride. And it struck me that through this program in the ACLI I was achieving that goal, that motivation, to help practitioners do change better. The lifting of the game. And that felt insanely good, humbling, and a privilege. 

So, the time has come…

To focus on my consulting work with leaders on designing change differently. 

To focus on building the Agile Change Leadership Institute as a global brand.

To build Busting Silos as the go-to program on collaboration. 

I often use the stop/start/maintain question when facilitating with clients and I’m using it on myself now. 

I’m going to stop contributing new content to this website, stop contributing to the Linkedin page and stop the Change Nugget e-newsletters. 

Instead, I’m going to start sharing more from Dr Jen Frahm via the Change Leader Insights email and a new Company page on Linkedin. I’d love it if you join me there. 

You can also find more goodness from Lena and I at the Agile Change Leadership Institute Facebook and Linkedin Pages. I’ll still be sharing about change, but more of a focus on change leadership and new ways of working. 

I’m going to maintain this website so you have a treasure trove of free resources to continue to mine. Much of it is evergreen. The podcast will be maintained, as will the FB page, however that will have a change of focus too. 

It’s been a wild trip here – I’m so grateful you have been along with me. 

There have been 227 blog posts

The very first one (well at least the first one that is still on the blog, I may have edited out the initial one!) is dated November 24, 2008, titled “Changing conversations: Climate change for Victoria”.  In it, I naively suggested that it is possible for Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions to be halved from 1990 levels by 2020. Snicker. Snort. Yep, well we know now how that played out. 

But, the post does provide a list of environmentally friendly Christmas ideas – with Reuse, recycle, repurpose themes. See what I mean? Evergreen! 

Over time the top 7 posts have included:

7 Principles of good change management.

How do you measure change success?

So you want to know how to get into change management?

What is change capability.

Buzzword Bingo.

What is change communication? 

70% of change projects fail: bollocks 

And, they’re worth revisiting – so that’s why I figured I’d leave them all in place.  

So I guess in closing off, I do want to say thank you. 

I’ve been thrilled by the efforts of so many of you in the change blog challenge. Before one of our core change management provocateurs, Gilbert Kruidenir announced his finishing last week, to be a carpenters apprentice, he published a great post on the need for change practitioners to write. I’m hoping that as I stop posting here it will open up space for more voices – You For instance.  Whether it be your own blogs, Medium or Linkedin articles, more of you will pick up the baton, to share resources, insights, lessons that help folk do change better. 


Follow the new Dr Jen Frahm page on Linkedin and subscribe to Change Leader Insights email for continued posts on change, transformation and leadership, and subscribe to my podcast. 

See you there 😉 

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