A few months ago I was invited to respond to a Perspectives piece by Change Management thought leader and fellow community manager Luc Galoppin was preparing for the HR People and Strategy journal. He casually mentioned he was seeking representation from around the globe, and then mumbled something about the others being best selling author and industry pioneer Daryl Connor, the esteemed Holger Nauheimer (founder of the internationally renowned Berlin Change Days) and the very accomplished Peter Vermeulen,  (then) Vice President of Human Resources – Diversity and Talent, Johnson and Johnson. Good grief. One of those moments where you say yes immediately in order to stop the spectre of fraud factor rising too fast.

The topic is Social Architecture – and Luc explores the rise of social architecture (think collaboration, technology, and structural change) in modern organisations and the role that change practitioners need to play. It’s a great read and one you need to be sharing with your executives who starting to think about social business. What fascinated me though was the diversity of perspective offered by the four of the global respondents.

Daryl Connor draws our attention to this moment in time as a bifurcation point for the profession and highlights some of the implications and caveats. Holger Nauheimer contextualises the piece in history, leadership and technology. Peter Vermeulan provides an example of where social architecture is enhancing the performance of a Fortune 500, and I provide the voice of provocation. Funny that.

Anyway, what do you think – are you skating to where the puck will be? Grab a cup of tea and have a read:  HRPS 37.1 Perspectives-3


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