This week we have a 8 minute Sharp Hit of Change* (#SHOC) with Bronte Jackson

You can find Bronte on LinkedIn or at MetaPM

Hear her terrific story about how she got into change and follow up by checking out her book on life in Italy.







Advice to those wanting to get into change


Think about the reason why – if there is no emotional connection to people, don’t bother.


Bronte’s top 3 tips on workplace change

  1. It’s not a silver bullet – it’s never going to be quick and easy
  2. It’s important to have a structured approach to change
  3. Need to have resources for change – it’s an investment, not a cost

Where does Bronte go to top up her knowledge on change?

Harvard Business Review

LinkedIn for articles

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* Hat-tip to Kym De Lany for the name SHOC!


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