You’re a team leader, a project manager, a CEO, or a senior leader or executive. The title doesn’t matter. Creating a change in your organisation does, and it’s your job to do it.

Your company has taken a new direction and you need to adapt. Or maybe you face a career crossroads and feel uncertain about the future.

Sometimes change happens suddenly and we need time to rewire our brains. Grappling with issues like culture change, introducing new technology or company restructure can be daunting. Agile, disruption, transformation – the buzzwords start to merge into one big noise.

If you’re feeling stressed or isolated, talk to us about our coaching and mentoring services and get the reassurance and advice you need from an experienced change management consultant.

Working with us gives you a change management “lifeline”. We’re like your “phone a friend” when other options run out.



You’ll feel empowered

You’ll feel more confident

You’ll feel more knowledgeable

You’ll feel in control

A change management Jiminy Cricket, sitting on your shoulder coaching you on the way forward.

We know you’re capable of greatness. So drop me a line.

“I found the coaching not only tailored to my needs, but personalised and empathetic. As a senior manager I was beginning to feel pigeon-holed by my role and title. I found myself wanting to develop my career in the communications and strategy field, and I was seeking ideas about how I could do this.The conversations gave me much-needed objective advice and analysis on how I could approach the changes I was looking to make. How I could pitch myself to potential employers and recruiters by using my skills and how I could build a portfolio of work to back this up.While ultimately it’s up to you what you do with the ideas and suggestions, the conversations opened new possibilities, insights and potential contacts to me and gave me a sense of confidence as I approached the changes I wanted and have now made.”
Jeremy Irvine