Change CommunicationConversations of change require a compelling, engaging style of communication.
We can help you with:

Creating influence

Engaging your stakeholders

Being clear in your employee communications

Telling your story

Writing copy

Our experienced professionals can assist with internal communications, change communication, social media, communications management and marketing communications.

“Jennifer Frahm is an expert change and communications professional. Her understanding of the interactions of audience and communicator allows her to create quality outcomes in a multitude of activities including change management, research, analysis and collaboration. I have been privileged to work with Jen on each of these activities and her knowledge and intuition have been invaluable. In particular, Jen's communications coaching has assisted me in understanding the importance of voice, messaging and presence in communications - skills I wish I had discovered earlier in my career. I highly recommend Jen's abilities to anyone with communications and change needs.”
Daniel Tobin, Director of Brand Marketing, The University of Melbourne