You know you are doing right, when other change managers (me) share your content with their clients and early career change resources, point to it and say: ‘You see?! What she said!’ Could not be more timely Jen, a much-needed resource.

Gilbert Kruidenier

Experience change program and project manager

These meaningful bites of wisdom about change management and communication from an experienced practitioner can strike a chord with anyone interested in the subject…

Joanne King

Consulting Director, Cubic Consulting

Jennifer Frahm is an expert change and communications professional… I have been privileged to work with Jen on each of these activities and her knowledge and intuition have been invaluable…

Daniel Tobin

Director of Brand Marketing, Director of Brand Marketing

Jennifer is one of the most switched on change managers I know. The Transformation Treasure Trove is packed full of the highest carat gems to inspire and guide you in all facets of change management…

Jenny Vandyke

Zumbara Consulting

Highly useful and engaging sessions with lots of interaction and insights into other people’s challenges and achievements

Shell Company of Australia

I attended due to Jennifer’s reputation, the content and the selection process. My must-have outcome was ‘clarity and vision’ for 2010. What I got was a new company! Literally!

Kelly Quinn

Superfox Brand & Marketing Management

Conversations of Change is relevant to anyone who wants to manage people, drive change or understand the subtle positive influences one can make in the workplace.

James Shirley

Project Manager, Digital Projects, AKQA

Jennifer is an excellent change management practitioner, providing that extra ‘edge’ not seen enough in the profession…

Julianne Dimitrios

Change Manager Energex Ltd

The area of change management and communication is awash with jargon and navel gazing. Jennifer strips away the crap and gets to the heart of the matter with nuggets of wisdom …

Trevor Young

PR Warrior

If you work in change or communications you need this e-book. In it you’ll find practical tips and tools you can use every day…

Chris Dvoracek

Transform Consulting

Jennifer is one of the best presenters I have witnessed. She engaged all members but importantly to me shared a wealth of knowledge and was inspiring.

Department of Human Services, Victoria

Jennifer’s insights and experience shine through as she takes existing concepts and clarifies, extends and applies them.

Gail Severini

Managing Director, Symphini Change Management Inc., Department of Human Services, Victoria

…A ‘must-read’ for the uninitiated to change. And a ‘should read’ for those who want to improve how they do it

Dr Andrew Maher

Chief Digital Officer, Aurecon

Thanks Jen for a coherent assessment and pragmatic suggestions for actions to build connection and neutralise fear.

Jacqui Williamson

Jennifer is a dynamic and highly engaging facilitator and presenter who can stimulate thought-provoking and energising strategic discussions on the value of change…

Rob Fedrick

Corporate Change Manager , ENERGEX Corporate Finance & Performance

This e-book is a beauty. It’s one thing to provide a resource that has useful information for CEOs, GMs and Executives and another thing entirely to provide one that will get referred to more than once…

Kane Bowden

Chief Executive Officer, Lighthouse Foundation

…My personal take-aways comprised not only a practical action plan but reassurance and validation of how I felt I have been tracking in my role and career.

Susan Lambe

Senior Communications Advisor, Aker Solutions

Jennifer’s Change Nugget e-book is almost cheating in that it requires almost no time to dip into it each day yet prompts busy people to think about some really important but non-urgent things…

Donna Hardman

Donna Hardman

Dr Jen has de-mystified the field of change management and provided professionals at all levels of an organization the basic tools, knowledge and inspiration to make informed decisions about small and large scale change in their organization.

Gabrielle Steckman

CEO, MyIntegra

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