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Just finished reading Conversations of Change by Dr Jennifer Frahm.  Cannot recommend this book highly enough.  Whether you are a change novice embarking on your first adventure and want to know where to begin, a seasoned traveler looking for a refresh of current thinking or a senior leader wanting to know how to support your people on the journey, this book is well worth a look. Is a great mix combination of practical insight, up to date theory and ready to apply tools and frameworks, all packaged in a light and easy to read format.  Should be on the desk of anyone involved in change, and more than likely in a well read, crinkled, dog eared condition from constant use.Scott Githens, Supply Chain Professional at Liberty One Steele












You must read this!!! If you are accountable for designing, implementing or leading change this recently released book by Dr Jennifer Frahm provides you with great knowledge and insight into everything you need to know for successful change and so much more.  For me it is more than a book but rather a great reference guide for all things change, reviewing many existing change frameworks, methodologies, beliefs and tools and providing a realistic and honest review on the pros and cons for each!  This book now lives permanently on my desk for quick and easy access during the day. – Amanda Sheedy, Coach, Change Specialist, Leadership Capability












If you are responsible for leading change management delivery whether as a consultant or as an executive sponsor, this book is a must read. Recently published by Dr Jennifer Frahm – her book provides sound practical advice for accomplished change professionals, as well as guidance  for organizational leaders on the critical questions to consider before embarking upon any change or transformation journey. 

Elaine Drury, Senior Manager Consultant Strategy and Organizational Change












Learning is a journey. The more we expose ourselves to understand the different perspectives, the better we become equipped to excel in what we do. Having worked in Organizational Change Management positions and in other Change Management positions, one would think, it is the same job. Many confuse both concepts. This tells us how much we are still in the first learning stages of a fairly considered new function, change management. Another concept is the multiple CM titles: C. agents, C. champions, C. managers, C. leaders. We spent months discussing who is doing what in one of my jobs and we never reached a clear consensus of what are the specific responsibilities of each. Conversations of change by Dr Jennifer Frahm tackles many concepts that she calls “confusions” and which need to be clarified before we jump into practising change management. I would advice to “Set the house rules first” so that we have a common ground and we all speak the same language. Confusion will always exist. Our role as change management practitioners is to minimize it… first step towards success. Thank you Dr. Jen for shedding the light on specific points that we sometimes think we know the answer for … till we give them a second thought. A must read book!

Dima Baltagi, MBA, Prosci. CMP, CICM