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Welcome to the newsroom for Dr Jen Frahm, author of Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing change. You can also check out Dr Jen’s website for more information about her speaking, facilitation and consulting services.
You can find at least nine potential stories in the new book – summarised below.
Myth busting 70% of change projects fail and ensuring success in change efforts (pp. 67 – 78)
Business educators, business press and consultants have promoted a persistent myth – that 70% of all change efforts fail. Turns out it’s not true. This doesn’t stop leaders and managers being concerned about failure. Conversations of Change explains the myth and teaches you the three elements you need to ensure successful change.
Only the most capable survive (pp. 103 – 115)
A question core to most large corporations these days is how to build change capability. Surviving in business requires an ability to initiate and execute change as well as respond to being on the receiving end of change. Conversations of Change takes you through the six elements of building change capability.
Resistance is futile – everybody is worried about change resistance. There’s no point. (pp. 128 – 133)
Understandably managers and leaders of change worry about change resistance. Conversations of Change show the the easy way to flip the switch from resistance to highly engaged and ready.
How “surrendering” can create a continuous change culture (pp. 133 – 139).
We often talk about taking people on a “journey”. But in doing this we bypass “surrender” – a critical phase in changing. Surrender in the workplace change requires three things (faith, hope, and mindfulness). Perhaps investing in corporate mindfulness programs creates an ability to thrive with continuous change?
Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! (pp. 153 – 157)
It’s often said the ability to land successful change is dependent on the communication. Sometimes even with the best  intent, managers and leaders of change can get it wrong! Conversations of Change takes you through six pitfalls of change communication that goes awry.
Change Leadership – some-one’s got to do it (p. 167-176)
Change leadership is often the most misunderstood aspect of change. It becomes overly complex and as a result does not occur. And then change does not occur. Conversations of Change keeps it simple and provides 12 truisms of change leadership and a very simple call to action.
Five Future of Work practices that can make a big difference to your change efforts (pp 185 – 218)
People talking about “Future of Work” can be a bit buzzwordy and jargon-heavy. Sometimes it helps to see examples of those Future of Work practices in your change efforts to work out if they are something of value or simply a distraction. Conversations of Change takes you through five applied examples of Future of Work practices to help you work that out.
The myths and big debates of organisational change (pp. 219 – 228)
Organisational change has become a hotly contested space – and for the manager or leader in today’s organisations it’s difficult to know what to believe. Conversations of Change explains six of the big myths of the change world and what you can take-away from the debates.
So you want to work in change management? (pp. 232 – 242)
With so many companies going through change these days, it has become common place for people to be exposed to the change management profession. Many are now wondering how they can make a career transition into this space. Conversations of Change provides 11 tactics on how to move into the field as well as supplementary resources (salary tables, accreditation options, and where to go for additional professional development).

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October 2018 MC – CATIC Networking event, Beijing, China

November 2018 MC – Gender in Sport, Melbourne, Australia 

November 2018 “Level Up” – Change & Me, Melbourne, Australia 

June 2019, Spark the Change Toronto, Canada.

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Interview with Caroline Kealey, for the uOttawa Institute for Strategic Change


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