Introducing Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing workplace change!


So people had been telling me for ages that I needed to write a book. And I had been resistant to the idea until I could come up with a frame that was new / or unmet in the market.

It struck me the piece that was missing was the methodology agnostic sense-making tool. Something that would help managers make sense of all things change management to help them with the challenges they were being thrown.

Of course, Joanne, I’m excited about the opportunity, I believe I can make quite the difference.”

Sitting at your desk now, those words are coming back to haunt you. Only six hours ago, you confidently told your manager you were certain of delivering the biggest workplace change of your career. And now you have no idea where to start. Well, that’s to say, you have an idea of what needs to happen and your manager had provided some direction on that – ultimately, she wants to see a 25% reduction in operating costs. You can see some opportunities for improvement and have some good ideas on what to change.

But how? How to make this change happen? What if your employees don’t like it and won’t make the changes? What if other managers are resentful and try to sabotage? What if the customers and suppliers become nervous of the changes? Knowing what to do is very different from knowing how to do it. Welcome to the world of organizational change management.

So, you sit down and fire up Google. Keyword by keyword you get further confused. The results seem to contradict each other and throw up more jargon by the minute. Apparently 70% of changes fail. It appears that people’s default is to resist change.

There seems to be 100 different methodologies on how to implement change. How the hell do you navigate this stuff and not screw it up? Have you just accepted a career limiting “opportunity”? You’re thinking back to past experiences and can remember initiatives where there was little change management. There were signs…


And so to this


By the time I wanted it finished I was too impatient to go shop it to publishers and chose to self publish.

That is probably worth a post of itself! Suffice to say its a fascinating industry. One ripe for disruption and change.

Co-Founder of Zoetic Agency Trevor Young spoke with me about it the other day and that interview is here.


The book is structured in three easy to read parts.

Part 1: Shaping up –  the decisions you need to make

  • Clarity on 4 universal points of confusion in change
  • Who’s who in the zoo! Easy to understand explanations of 10 necessary roles in change
  • Change success – a three legged stool, pull one element away and it falls over
  • 6 most commonly used change models explained


 Part 2 Moving forward – the 5 pillars of change success

  • 6 elements of change capable organisation
  • Change readiness and how to assess if you are ready for change
  •  Dealing with change resistance – three key considerations
  •  From the trenches – 5 pitfalls of change communication to avoid
  • 12 truisms of change leadership


Part 3 Check the peripherals – things that you should be aware of

  • 5 Future of Work practices and how they can be used in your change efforts
  • 6 myths of change management that can get in the way
  • The ultimate information on how to develop your knowledge in change management – including associations, formal knowledge, communities of practice, self study with 11 change experts to follow on twitter and 17 change management blogs to bookmark

Bonus chapter! A full summary of all four adventures

Where do you get it?

But for now, if you want a signed copy you and you are ordering within Australia you need to order from here. If that doesn’t worry you, and you are outside Australia you may prefer Amazon for paperback or kindle

And if you think you’ve got it sorted but you know some-one who really needs it… well catch this little concept 😉




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