With visual facilitation and storytelling all the rage these days, I thought it would be interesting to have a chat with Leisha Boyle, founder of Sticky Stories, a company that mashes the two and produces visual storytelling.  Leisha is an experienced change practitioner and has brought her knowledge and experience to the start up to produce  really well crafted narratives of issues that are close to our heart.






How did Leisha get into organisational change management?

Degree in English literature  – does enjoy a good book

Worked in public service, started in Accenture (Andersens Consulting) as junior change analyst, and did a lot of training through them, worked with Deloittes, and then moved into contracting and consulting independently. Started with structured delivery of change through consulting – this provided a broad range of experience across multiple areas and clients.

How have you moved into entrepreneurial start up with Sticky Stories?

Sticky Stories creates bespoke stories for clients – customised to their needs and also have a library of generic stories that illustrate common topics that need exploring.

Stories start conversations and provide insights to the learning process which can be more effective than other methods

Started from the perspective of needing something that wasn’t out there!

Do you risk leaders not telling their own stories if they can use one of yours?

Leaders should be learning to tell their stories better. This is actually teaches leaders a way to reconnect with their own audiences. There are many channels in which to tell stories, leadership is one, but there are others.

Is there a danger of alienating audience with the use of cartoons?

We watch cartoons to have fun. Cartoons reduce the barriers of mistrust. People put their barriers up when downloading corporate information.

People are smiling when they receive the cartoon – the defences are down so the messages are received.


You don’t over simplify core concepts of change – a conscious decision?

We don’t attempt to provide an answer, and it’s only one point of view – as such that permits the complexity to come through in the story.

One of the biggest challenges is to achieve cut through in change communication – how do you manage that?

  • Test, test, test – pick your channels, and pick your battles
  • Be pragmatic and use your planning filter
  • How would an animated story get to the audience, do they need to watch it all?
  • Can you use it as a conversation starter?


Further contact

Sticky Stories website

LinkedIn Sticky Stories


An example of the Sticky Stories animation




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