Dr Jen Frahm
The Conversation Starter

Jen Frahm (PhD Management) is the founder of Conversations of Change and a world leading organisational change expert.

She has delivered across multiple industries and professions:

  • from wine sales to wedding dresses,
  • veterinary products to energy retailers,
  • nuns and engineers
  • big banks, small IT companies.
  • publicly listed, privately owned and non-profit organizations.

Her change projects have included culture change, process change, digital transformation, legislative change, mergers and acquisitions and technology / systems change.

She churns out heaps of information on the future of work and organizational change.

She has a podcast series (Conversations of Change), two very popular e-books (The Transformation Treasure Trove), and a blog (The Water Cooler). She is also the author of the very popular Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing change.

Jen is also the co-founder of the Agile Change Leadership Institute with Lena Ross of #changehacks and a partner in Busting Silos with Melissa Dark of Common Place Communication.

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She is an IABC Recommended Speaker and has been listed in the Change Management Review’s 5 Next Generation Thought Leaders and Change Source’s the Top 20 Change Visionaries You Need to Know


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