A recent report prepared for Environment Victoria by the Nous Group, provides a conservatively optimistic take on social transformation. In summary, the report suggest that it is possible for Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions to be halved from 1990 levels by 2020.  The success of this initiative would depend on “accelerated tranformative change across the energy supply sector and a substantial reduction in the impact of and demand for goods and for consumption of energy and services.” (see the report here  http://www.envict.org.au/inform.php?menu=5&submenu=1919&item=1923)

A familiar stakeholder analysis tool in change management is the 2 x 2 “Can they [change], Will they [change]” matrix.  It comes to mind when thinking about the latter part of the success drivers for accelerated tranformative change.  Clearly, we “can” change and reduce greenhouse emissions, but “will we”?

The report goes on to discuss among other things the need for behaviour change in sustainable production and consumption among industry and community.  Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We can, but will we?  What better opportunity is there to test the resolve than this Christmas? Typically a time of rampant consumerism (credit crunch or not!), let’s start a conversation of change. How can you change your behaviour this Christmas to reduce, recycle and re-use? Here’s some inital thoughts:

1) Scour the op-shops for vintage fashion (scarves, bags, purses, jewellry)

2) Shop on-line and save travel costs getting to shops.

3) Gift certificates for your time and special services (babysitting, cooking, gardening)

4) Secret Santa , an awesome opportunity for the “Re-use” ; )

5) If you don’t know what to get for some-one, don’t BUY, spend time getting to “know” them

6) Sponsorships

7) Get creative: bake, paint, stitch…

8) The bows are pretty, but are they necessary?

9) Drought friendly plants

Help me out…add to the list and continue the conversation.

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