Introducing The Change Pick-n-Mix! 

How fitting that on the day of the 12-month anniversary of that rather fabulous collaboration of a book launch event between Lena Ross and I, we announce a new collaboration:

The Change Pick-n-Mix!

It’s a very sweet offering, pardon the pun 😉.

Lena and I had noted that in tandem with the growing need to build internal change capability, there was an increasing lack of time for people to attend formal courses and all-day workshops. Evidence points to full day workshops not being a particularly sustainable model of knowledge transfer. Busy people are expected to lead and sustain change while keeping the lights on with the BAU and pick up new ways of working along the way. Operating in a VUCA world required a new way of capability building. As Lena says;

New ways of working, require new ways of learning.

Micro learning and agile delivery

Current research and best practice suggests that short, sharp, focused learning events provides ‘brain-friendly’ capability uplift. This is dependent on a scaffolding approach – where small pieces of new information are incrementally added to foundation pieces.

Key to the success of ‘micro-learning’ is the ability to generate feedback and build on learning from the successive bite-sized elements.

With that in mind we’ve developed an agile learning program designed to lift change capability. You get to ‘pick-n-mix’ what suits your team with regards to their needs.

Change Pick-n-Mix components

The components of the Change Pic- n-Mix include:

  • A 4-hour foundation workshop where Lena and I work with your team to equip them with the basic concepts of managing change in disruptive world and facilitate the design of a set of principles you can use as anchors in the turbulent times ahead. This can be modularised in 2 x 2 hour sessions.

This can be followed up with:

  • 18 x 10 minute themed video clips or as we call them Change Bumps on specific topics designed to help navigate uncertainty and continuous change. With each video comes a handout out and an experiment to try in your workplace. You have an 12 month organisational licence on these – you can share and reuse with your people any way you see fit
  • Change coaching clinics – these can be done either one-on-one or in a ‘fishbowl’ style with multiple attendees where an experienced practitioners works with you on your change challenges in real time.
  • Delivery of change ready nudges – short pieces of written content designed to nudge people’s thinking about change. These are aligned to the Change Bump themes. We give you up to 100 pieces, you use them in any way that suits you.

What do you think? Sounds like something you need in your organisation? Here’s a brochure for you to share with your leadership team.Copy of picknmix (3)


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