And the podcasts are live!

I’m so thrilled to have Luc Galoppin as my first guest on the Conversations of Change podcast series. There are two formats – one is a 20 minute #changechat with a thought leader in the field and the other is a 8 minute #SHOC (or a Short Hit of Change)






**What you need and want to know:**

10:17 Listen to Luc’s challenge on the WIIFM of change

16:30 Listen to Luc make the connection between change management and chocolate making!

Luc’s most recent post on Social Architecture

Luc’s earlier Social Architecture Manifesto

Luc’s website Reply MC

Luc’s LinkedIn profile

Luc on twitter @lucgaloppin

Luc’s workshop in Texas with ACMP on Social Architecture

Luc’s book with Daryl Conner – Building commitment during an ERP roll out

Luc and Reen’s Chocolate shop! Reen’s Sweets and Treats

*Luc’s recommended reading:*

Peter Block (2009) Community and the Structure of Belonging

The Abundant Community

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I’ve really enjoyed everything about Conversations of Change, and am both grateful and proud of the work that was done on this little site. 

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