We’re starting the podcasts of 2017 off with a #ChangeChat with Lena Ross of #ChangeHacks

You can find Lena on LinkedIn and also Twitter @LenaEmelyRoss


How Lena got into organisational change?

Lena originally was working in Learning and Development (L&D) with an in interest in human behaviour, and a background of psychology and anthropology. A role in organisational change came up that played to the strengths of those experience, interest and studies.

How do you define Neuroscience?

The study of human behaviour with scientific slant, bolstered by neuro imaging technology. We can delve into what the brain is thinking, what impact our emotions are making.

Lena really like’s Read Montague’ss definition of “Eavesdropping on the brain”


How did Lena get into neuroscience and organisational change?

Lena has a learning mindset and was struggling with the paradox of commonly accepted truism that people naturally resist change, yet evidence that clearly people change every day and wanted to reconcile that.

Neuroscience unlocked a lot of that.

How does Lena use the theory of neuroscience in practice?

It boils down to how can you apply in your personal life and how you can apply in professional life.

The SCARF model really simple to use (easy to remember) – thinking about threat responses and reward responses.

Lena has also used SCARF to create a a self-assessment tool

Critics of Neuroscience and change

It’s importantly to use science responsibly, don’t pretend to be a neuroscientist. You can talk about the insights in a practical way.

ChangeHacks – where did it come from?

I like the concept of a hack – positive disruption. Change itself is changing. New insights – agile, neuroscience, anything we can find is a hack.

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Dr Jen Frahm – Author of Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing workplace change.

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