This week I speak with Alan Herrity of Momentum Search and Selection, a specialist project and change management recruiting firm. We talk about some of the themes in the space and some of the challenges faced in the field. Alan shares his tips for those thinking of getting into change management.


Why did Alan do a change management accreditation (PCI)?

Important to invest in the industry, helped me have conversations with clients and candidates and to build my credibility in the field.

What are the trends in the Australian market?

Permanent roles at senior level – which is a good thing, means organisations want to build in-house change capability.

NSW is more buoyant than Victoria – more roles, less candidates

Consistent themes or challenges in recruiting change managers?

1)      All their CVs look the same – clients don’t know how to progress

2)      Needs to be alignment between talent acquisition departments and agencies – eg what does good like with a change management practitioner, very ambiguous briefs.

3)      A lot of clients look for subject matter experts (SMEs) rather than a change manager

Can good ever come from the slashie?

Project Manager / Change Manager / SME? (the unicorn)

It’s important for Talent Acquisition to push back on this, need to be clear on what you want. You want some-one with breadth and diversity of views rather than subject matter expertise.

It is important to build change capability of Project Managers if they can’t afford to bring in a change manager. But better to find out why they need this version and how it has worked for them previously. This question should reveal what they really need and help you educate them on what a real change practitioner can bring them.

Project Management roles are much easier to place – very black and white requirements. There is a lot of grey in the change management role.

Challenges from the candidate perspective?

Understanding and articulating what the change practitioner brings

How long does it take to do the educating of the client? Whose role is it?

It’s part of my role (as a recruiter) and it takes a while.

Other observations

It’s an evolving field, a lot of differences between Europe and Australia with change maturity.

Personal vision for Alan’s company

Growing at the moment, supplier of choice in the project, change management domains .

Continue to build partnerships with great people

Why the involvement with the Change Management Professionals Community of Practice

It’s an investment in the industry, I come out with new ideas and I’ve learnt things.

Advice to people looking to get into the change field

  • Consider your motivation – need to have a passion for it, don’t jump on the bandwagon
  • Junior people look at certifications for new insights
  • Make sure you are going to the right networking groups and meet with the right people
  • Immerse across social media with information on change management

Alan’s twitter handle @alanhez

Alan’s website: Momentum Search and Selection

Alan’s linkedin page Momentum Search and Selection

The Change Management Professionals next event on 6 of December (Melbourne, Australia)

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