To change a culture, you need to change the stories told


Never a truer word spoken! It’s all things “story” in this podcast with world renowned expert in Storytelling, Shawn Callahan!



We talk about the power of stories in change management and how to get leaders comfortable with this crucial skillset. It’s an interesting one for me, as once upon a time, I used to do academic research on storytelling in change. Just quietly, I think Shawn’s work on small “s” storytelling adds a lot more value to the field! Having said that, it was a period of time that  resulted in an academic paper I am most proud of for it’s pop culture reference point – Kill Bill and the Change Agent!

Some of the questions I ask Shawn:

  • Why should we be interested in storytelling in business?
  • Is there ever a time when you shouldn’t use stories in change?
  • Is it ethically right to use other people’s stories?
  • How can we use story-triggering for large interventions?

And as ever in a conversation with Shawn, you get some wonderful anecdotes shared — listen out for how to improve a safety culture (eeek!)

Want more?

Head to Anecdote – the company Shawn co-founded in 2004 for more on services offered. You can find more on their very successful programs on Storytelling and Sales and Storytelling for Leaders, and how to partner with them in their quest for global domination.

Make sure you subscribe to their new podcast – Anecdotally Speaking. Each episode features a short story shared and deconstructed for its effectiveness.

And for heavens sake, get yourself a copy of Shawn’s book “Putting Stories to Work” – it’s one of my faves, and such a useful resource for leaders and change practitioners alike.

Linkedin: Shawn Callahan

Twitter: @ShawnCallahan 

Facebook : Anecdote 


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