On this #changechat podcast I speak with Pru Gell of Pru Gell Consulting. I met Pru a couple of months ago at the CMI Deep Dive event. In the exchange of conversations I found out a little about Deep Democracy and was curious as to how that could add to a change practitioner or change leader’s tool kit.

There’s a cracker of a question used in the approach which I know I will be adding to my repertoire – so I hope you enjoy the interview!








Questions asked:

  • Tell us about your background and how you come to be working in this field?
  • What is Deep Democracy?
  • Is the goal consensus? Shared understanding? Where does the depth take you?
  • Can you give some examples of how you have used the approach in change management initiatives?
  • Does it suit organisations that are in high conflict more than others?
  • How does Deep Democracy fit into Agile methodologies?


Dr Jen Frahm – Author of Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing workplace change.

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