What a sneaky lady!! Or ridiculously humble. So when I introduced Celine in this #changechat I said she had too many accolades too mention, it would cut into the time we had to chat. What I didn’t know then was she was about to be awarded a Knight of the French National Order of Merit the next night!

I did say she was AMAZING!

Celine is also known for her TEDx Talk, French Business Woman of the Year (2013), a IABC Gold Quill Winner, one of Women over 40 to Watch , and five times award winner in 2017 alone! She is the Head of Quality, Innovation and Engagement at global pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, blogs at We Need Social, a contributor to several tremendous books, and a charter member of Change Agents WorldWide. Do you see why I didn’t include these in the introduction?

This is part 1 of 2 change chats with Celine. I’ve had a few guests now who I’ve thought I would really love to talk more with, and twenty minutes wouldn’t be enough, so this time I’ve made sure the guest will agree to a two parter!




In this first part we talk about:

  • How Celine defines change management and why she doesn’t like it.
  • Why we need to get rid of the language of change management
  • Bureaucrats and technocrats of change management
  • How Celine addresses empowerment to create change with quality
  • Working with John Kotter and Kotter International


In the next one we talk about how she uses her change forces for good (or changes that matter), the relationship between courage and change,  and how she uses social media in change. Stay tuned!



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