Hear ye, hear ye!

Announcing the inaugural  #changeblogchallenge!!


You know how I bang on a bit about change practitioners need to share their wisdom more in order for organisations, managers and leaders to understand what good change looks like? Well Heather Stagl of Enclaria and I reckon we might have a way to make that happen.

We’re creating a platform for a social media storm to share change practitioners wisdom. Here’s how it works:

Once every three months we focus on a key topic in change work.

You get to write a post / blog / article on that topic that is between 200 and 2000 words.

When you hit publish you hashtag it #changeblogchallenge so that others can find it.

You let your network know about it.


Where do I publish it?

  • Linkedin updates (Shorter posts)
  • Linkedin articles (longer articles)
  • Your own blog
  • Your own facebook page
  • Medium
  • As a guest poster for some-one else who has a blog
  • Instagram (if that’s your preference)
  • Your internal ESN (eg yammer, Workplace, jive) – maybe get your leadership team to pen their thoughts?

What’s the publishing schedule and topics

Excellent question: here’s what we’re thinking with some suggested themes. It’s totally up to you though to interpret how you want.

January – March: Change Resistance

  • Really? We’re still talking about resistance?
  • How my thinking on change resistance has evolved?
  • How do you identify resistance? What does it look like and how do you discover it?
  • What do you do when you encounter resistance?

April – June: Change Communication

  • What do you know about change communication now, that you didn’t know when you started
  • 5 change communication tools / techniques / tactics  you need to know about
  • Agile change communication – more than just talk faster

July – September: Change Readiness

  • The brain and change readiness
  • If change is constant, what does perpetual change readiness mean
  • 7 signs you’re not change ready

October – December: Change Leadership

  • What it really means when “everybodies a leader’
  • Why following ain’t so bad
  • Change leadership in a VUCA world

Handy tips

  • The article title should fit your article. In other words, don’t use “#ChangeBlogChallenge:  Resistance” as your article title. Use something specific to your perspective, like “Ten Tips for Overcoming Resistance to Change.”
  • Somewhere in your article, include “This article is a response to the #ChangeBlogChallenge on [topic]” with a link to this post or one that Heather has shared to kick it off.
  • Sharing is caring: If you read something that resonates use the hashtag #ChangeBlogChallenge to share
  • Let people know if you invite them to post their own #changeblogchallenge
  • Use a related reading tag with other posts on the topic on the bottom of your post
  • When you post your article on social media, use the hashtag #ChangeBlogChallenge.



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