ChangeChat with Shawn Callahan

ChangeChat with Shawn Callahan

  To change a culture, you need to change the stories told   Never a truer word spoken! It’s all things “story” in this podcast with world renowned expert in Storytelling, Shawn Callahan!   We talk about...
#ChangeChat with Celine Schillinger – Part 1

#ChangeChat with Celine Schillinger – Part 1

What a sneaky lady!! Or ridiculously humble. So when I introduced Celine in this #changechat I said she had too many accolades too mention, it would cut into the time we had to chat. What I didn’t know then was she was about to be awarded a Knight of the French...
#SHOC with Gilbert Kruidenier

#SHOC with Gilbert Kruidenier     In this Sharp Hit of Change (#SHOC) I am delighted to chat with Gilbert Kruidenier about what he is working on and what he has learn about change. Gilbert is a great thinker about change and he blogs at Kruidenier Consulting....
#SHOC with Has Razwi

#SHOC with Has Razwi   And we’re back with the latest in the 8 minute Sharp Hit of Change podcasts. In this #SHOC I chat with Melbourne based change practitioner Has Razwi. Has volunteers with CMI, and has come from a background in technology...


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