How many times do you hear “It’s the silos that get in the way”.

Many, many times.

Organisational silos get in the way of change, of collaboration, of inter-organisational networks. Information flows get jammed up, processes slow down. People hoard knowledge. It’s painful and counter-productive.

It is the bane of project managers, sponsors and change managers alike.

At a time when you need people to collaborate most,  siloed teams and individuals have often bunkered down to protect reputations, hoard knowledge and make sure that others don’t see weakness that can be exploited in change.

And that’s why Melissa Dark of Common Place Communications and I have joined forces to create a one-day workshop Busting Silos designed to help you bust them silos!

Busting Silos: a one day workshop

Busting Silos – the objectives 

After attending Busting Silos, you and your team will be able to:

  • – Achieve better outcomes in ambiguous and uncertain scenarios, such as organisational change.
  • – Learn how to build better working relationships with other people.
  • – Understand how to work together more effectively, and also more compassionately and enjoyably.

And you’ll gain an overall sense of confidence and satisfaction in your ability to work with others.

What you’ll learn:

Busting Silos is a comprehensive program that takes participants through the strategy and application of:

  • Stakeholder identification
  • Analysing stakeholders
  • Understanding agendas
  • Building trust
  • Setting objectives
  • Messaging and influencing through strategic communication
  • Practical tools to improve communication
  • Collaboration in change

We’re so excited to be busting silos we are offering the first 3 organisations to book one of these one-day sessions at 50% off.

See? Giddy with excitement!  Let’s do it!

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