A guide to implementing workplace change

Learn how to make change in your workplace simple and successful with the wisdom that Dr Jen Frahm has shared with managers and students across multiple countries, companies and universities.


  • You’re a manager or executive who is facing into significant organizational change and want to ensure success.
  • You’re new to change and want to fast track your development.
  • You’re an experienced change practitioner who wants to double check you’re not missing a trick.
  • You’re a frustrated employee and you want to let your manager know they could be leading change better.
  • You’re relentlessly curious about how to do things better at work


  • What you need to do to introduce change successfully
  • Who can help you when you’re not resourced for change
  • The “must haves” of change that works
  • New and innovative approaches to change 
  • How to bring the people around you on the journey

Where to buy
conversations of change: a guide to workplace change?

Available in Paperback or on Kindle from Amazon; or a signed copy (Australia only).

WHAT people SAY…

Whether you are a change novice embarking on your first adventure and want to know where to begin, a seasoned traveler looking for a refresh of current thinking or a senior leader wanting to know how to support your people on the journey, this book is well worth a look. Is a great mix combination of practical insight, up to date theory and ready to apply tools and frameworks, all packaged in a light and easy to read format. Should be on the desk of anyone involved in change, and more than likely in a well read, crinkled, dog eared condition from constant use.
Scott Githens, Supply Chain Professional at Liberty One Steele
I wish I had read this a few years ago, hands down the most sensible and valuable read on workplace change. Strips away the fluff, simplifies the complex and just gets down to business.
Simon Hunter, GM Comms, CSIRO 
You must read this!!! If you are accountable for designing, implementing or leading change this recently released book by Dr Jennifer Frahm provides you with great knowledge and insight into everything you need to know for successful change and so much more. For me it is more than a book but rather a great reference guide for all things change, reviewing many existing change frameworks, methodologies, beliefs and tools and providing a realistic and honest review on the pros and cons for each! This book now lives permanently on my desk for quick and easy access during the day.
Amanda Sheedy, Coach, Change Specialist, Leadership Capability
This is what is missing in bringing change to life – highly practical stories and conversations on the “how”. Only an experienced practitioner who also has deep academic understanding of a broad array of disciplines could bring such clarity so quickly. I am regularly asked for a “primer” on leading and managing change and this is now my “go to” recommendation
Gail Severini, Symphini Change Management Inc,  Owner, Organizational Change Practitioners Linkedin Group,
Jennifer has a unique ability to guide people towards an outcome. Her incisiveness and directness are mixed with a deep understanding of human nature and decision making. She approaches difficult conversations with both candour and compassion. You may not want to hear the truth be told but you know you need to listen. Conversations of change is relevant to anyone who wants to manage people, drive change or understand the subtle positive influences one can make in the workplace.
James Shirley, Project Manager, Digital Projects, AKQA
Jennifer has a uncanny knack of getting to the heart of what matters when it comes to making change stick. Her passion for promoting conversation on this topic is infectious, this book has already triggered new and better thinking for me on my next adventure.
Kelsey Miller, Director, Stocka

what’s inside?

4 Change adventures to follow based on your answers to:

  • How well do you understand the change to be delivered?
  • How much internal resourcing do you have for change management?
  • How much budget do you have to hire specialist resources

42 conversation starters to prompt conversations with stakeholders and your team

8 Conversations of Change interviews with leaders of change and experts in the field

Structured in three easy to read parts.

Part 1: Shaping up – the decisions you need to make

  • Clarity on four universal points of confusion in change
  • Who’s who in the zoo! Easy to understand explanations of 10 necessary roles in change
  • Change success: a three-legged stool, pull one element away and it falls over
  • Six most commonly used change models explained
  • Part 2 Moving forward – the five pillars of change success
    • Six elements of change capable organisation
    • How to assess if you are ready for change
    • Dealing with change resistance – three key considerations
    • Five pitfalls of change communication to avoid
    • 12 truisms of change leadership

    Part 3 Check the peripherals – things that you should be aware of

    • Five “Future of Work” practices and how they can be used in your change efforts
    • Six myths of change management that can get in the way
    • The ultimate collection of resources on how to develop your knowledge in change management,  including associations, formal knowledge, communities of practice, self-study with 11 change experts to follow on twitter and 17 change management blogs to bookmark

    Bonus chapter! A full summary of all four adventures

about the author
dr jen frahm

After 20 + years in the field, having taught 10,000 students, and introduced change to over 250,000 employees, Dr Jen Frahm’s got your back.

Dr Jen is an experienced change manager, communications professional, speaker, author, coach and facilitator. She is adamant change doesn’t have to be as hard as it often is. Having worked across multiple industries – from wine sales to wedding dresses, television and radio, veterinary products to energy retailers, nuns and engineers, big banks, and small IT companies, she is more than qualified to help you through.

She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

CONVERSATIONS OF CHANGE: a guide to workplace change?

Available in Paperback or on Kindle from Amazon; or a signed copy (Australia only).


“Of course, Joanne, I’m excited about the opportunity, I believe I can make quite the difference.”

Sitting at your desk now, those words are coming back to haunt you. Only six hours ago, you confidently told your manager you were certain of delivering the biggest workplace change of your career. And now you have no idea where to start. Well, that’s to say, you have an idea of what needs to happen and your manager had provided some direction on that – ultimately, she wants to see a 25% reduction in operating costs. You can see some opportunities for improvement and have some good ideas on what to change.

But how? How to make this change happen? What if your employees don’t like it and won’t make the changes? What if other managers are resentful and try to sabotage? What if the customers and suppliers become nervous of the changes

Knowing what to do is very different from knowing how to do it. Welcome to the world of organizational change management.

So, you sit down and fire up Google. Keyword by keyword you get further confused. The results seem to contradict each other and throw up more jargon by the minute. Apparently 70% of changes fail. It appears that people’s default is to resist change.

There seems to be 100 different methodologies on how to implement change. How the hell do you navigate this stuff and not screw it up? Have you just accepted a career limiting “opportunity”? You’re thinking back to past experiences and can remember initiatives where there was little change management. There were signs…

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