The Agile Change Leadership Institute is now open for business! And with that the Agile Change Leadership Certificate has entered its first month of enrolment, with August’s cohort now firmly ensconced in the process. 

The response has been amazing, but manageable – and that’s how we intend to keep it. Capped monthly enrolments mean that our participants know that they can always reach out for support if they need it in its early stages.  

“I’m new here. What is the Agile Change Leadership Certificate?”

Delivered by the Agile Change Leadership Institute, the online certificate course is designed for anyone who is in, or finds themselves moving toward, positions of leadership within the world of Agile Change. The entire course is self-directed and designed so that the participant can manage their study-load around life and work in as little as 10-minute chunks at a time. 

Here’s what one participant shared:

“Worked through the ‘Empathy’ module tonight, so relevant right now as we Go-Live this weekend! One of the best lines was ‘give oxygen to yourself before giving oxygen to others’. Really like this for self-care, and so important for change leaders. So much better content than my previous leadership training because of how relevant it is. And I’m actually placing orders for new books based on the reading recommendations” – Dan P.

Find out more about the Agile Change Leadership Certificate here.

“That’s great! Who are behind the Agile Change Leadership Institute?”

Founded by Dr Jen Frahm (Conversations of Change) and Lena Ross (Change Hacks) the Agile Change Leadership Institute (ACLI) is a culmination of the work they have been doing with leaders and change practitioners in the field of agile change. Lena and Jen are joined by Melissa Dark of Common Place Communications as a faculty member and delivery partner. 

The founders of ACLI have more than 50 years of combined experience in the world of education, training and delivery, agile projects, change management and building change capability. The Agile Change Leadership Institute also delivers:


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