Oh well, the 70% Change Projects Fail myth continues to continue. The latest incidence in an article in the Australian Financial Review Boss Magazine with the author representing a prominent business school. It’s hard to fight that as legitimacy! So I’m just going to leave you with this downloadable infographic on the 6 questions to ask when some-one tells you 70% of Change Projects Fail.

Because let’s face it, beyond setting up a reason for an article or selling a consulting service, if some-one raises the statistic it’s probably because they are concerned. Retorting “don’t worry about it, it’s a myth” aint going to be too reassuring! These questions might be a bit more helpful.

1. Tell me why you raise that statistic?

Are they nervous, sceptical, seeking reassurance you know what you are doing?

 2. What would success look like to you?

This sets up the objectives of your measurement

 3. What time frame are you thinking about?

  • At point of change go-live (installation),
  • At point of project closure (lessons learned),
  • At point of benefit realisation?

 4. How will you measure the project success?

  • In full?
  • On time?
  • Within budget?

 5. How will you know if the change team is doing a good job?

  • Do people feel included?
  • Are they keeping you informed?
  • Are they bring you alternative view points?

 6. When do you expect to see benefits from this specific change?

  • Immediately?
  • In 3 months?
  • In 12 months?

If you’re new to the topic and curious about the myth see here.

And then the perils of myth busting?

And then how to measure success properly. 



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