Ta da!! Drumroll – 2018 list of change management blogs to follow …

The landscape has definitely shifted. More bloggers have lost their mojo / reprioritised their sharing of content. I think much of this is owing to the ease of platforms like Medium and LinkedIn. You certainly get more views there — so the dopamine hit is harder than when you look at your google analytics!  Nevertheless, while there are people continuing to blog about change management, I’m going to continue to give them a big shout out and say THANK YOU for your efforts! The community is better for it.

As always, if you know of a change management blog that is regular and of quality AND primarily on change management please let me know.  I get quality is subjective. I’ll add it in to the list!

My perpetual plea –  if something resonates leave a comment (trust me it is the fuel that keeps us going), and share them via twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or in your internal platforms like yammer / workplace!

  1. Heather Stagl http://www.enclaria.com/resources/blog/
  2. Lena Ross, http://www.lenaross.com.au/#!blogs/vikss
  3. Celine Schillinger http://weneedsocial.com/
  4. Torben Rick http://www.torbenrick.eu/blog/
  5. Simon Terry https://simonterry.com/sharing/
  6. Change Quest http://www.changequest.co.uk/insights/
  7. Bob Marshall https://flowchainsensei.wordpress.com/
  8. Allegra Consulting https://www.allegraconsulting.com.au/blog
  9. Christopher Smith https://change.walkme.com/author/christopher-smith/
  10. Wendy Hirsch Wendy Hirsch 
  11. Philip Jones Change Mission 
  12. And ME! But you’re already here. The Watercooler


Special mentions to the following terrific content creators (albeit not quite blogs)

Change Management Review 

The Ironic Manager 

PS – if you are not across the previous bloggers who have stopped now, do go and have a look. The back catalogue is definitely worth the visit.

12 Change Management Blogs to follow

19 Change Management Blogs to follow

17 Change Management Blogs to follow

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