Big post. Big year. For those TL:DR – it was awesome, it rocked. For those who like the detail read on…

Ok, I’m going to sound a bit stupid now, because AGAIN I start this post thinking – wow what a huge year that was. And it’s stupid because I do that every year with that post!! So maybe not stupid so much as repetitive.

It was a different year for me, in reflection I really mixed it up a bit. And as some-one who really likes variety, this was a great year. I set my intent for the year with the theme of “Amplify” and mindmapped it all out.




I haven’t had time to check off the map as yet, but I reckon I made a pretty good show of the things I envisioned.


I rolled off a really successful Workday implementation and picked up a very juicy change program lead engagement providing governance and team leadership with a terrific group of early career change practitioners. This engagement is part time, so it has created space for working on “The Book” (nearly there!) and launching the Conversations of Change Podcast series which has been a lot of fun.


One of the best things about the podcast series, is I have had to be a total noob again. It’s been a while since that has been the case. And thanks to help from Des Walsh, Trevor Young, Ben May, Kate Ware and Melissa Dark, I reckon it’s turned out pretty good! One of things I am most proud of is I have remained committed to 80% and done is sufficient. I’ve really let go of the perfectionist thing for the sake of making stuff happen. So there’s minimal editing, it’s very natural, I work with the technology I have at hand. A HUGE thank you Luc Galoppin, Bronte Jackson, Theresa Moulton, Bill Braun, Paul Thoresen, Helen Palmer, Rita Meyerson, Simon Terry, Alan Herrity, Caroline Kealey.  for being my first guests on the series. I’ve got some great ones recorded in anticipation of 2017 and look forward to bringing you many more. People have asked me what my intent was with them – and basically, I just wanted to shine a light on some of the great change folk out there and demystify the practice. It can be so confusing for those new to the field – and for potential clients, so I’m hoping that this podcast series helps clarify things in digestible segments (20 minute #changechats, or 8 minute #SHOCs). I was also delighted to be a guest on The Reputation Revolution, Let’s Talk Leadership, and the Change Management Review.

The podcasts and book writing took up the energy for blog post writing – so fewer posts this year, but when I reviewed the annual change bloggers post, was delighted to see some new entrants on the scene. I also relaunched the Change Nugget series – back to the beginning, so if you are new to them or don’t manage to catch them all the time, they now come out on a regularly fortnightly basis. With that, I converted the e-books to free to download. On the social media scene, it’s great to see there are more good quality change tweeps out there too now, as this post revealed.

Professional Development

From a professional development perspective I attended Dent the Future conference in Idaho, USA this year, which was really enjoyable and them levelled up with Conner Academy’s Raising Your Game workshop later in the year. Next year I am booked to a Diploma of Positive Psychology which I am really looking forward to.


There were some great speaking engagements this year – Agile Australia was a big one, not just for the audience responses on the day, but for the continuing reverberations in the community. The OCM community is really struggling with how to come to terms with “agile” whether it be operational agility (eg Agile project methodology), or cultural agility (eg the company wants to be more agile). And in contradiction to the ethos of the agile world, the OCM world seems to be looking for a fixed solution to how do we grapple with it. It’s crazy! Anyway, I expect that you will see a plethora of Agile OCM training / workshops / books next year. I’ll be running more of them myself – but just don’t expect a neatly packaged solution. Together with some very special collaborators we’ll be working with you to help you adapt your own practices to Future of Work themes.

On the topic of Agile it was a lot of fun to do IABC Victoria’s Talk 55 on the topic of Agile in Communication.

I also was delighted to be a keynote at APACA this year on the topic of Thriving During Change. I addressed the domains of institutional, organisational and individual future readiness. It was a lot of fun and very well received.

Fellow Change Agent World Wide Collaborator Simon Terry and I joined Rita Zonius and Nick Reed to be guest speakers on ANZ Blue Notes Working Out Loud panel. It’s really interesting to see the rise in this as a Future of Work trend, and the thing I am most cheered by is the measured approach companies are taking as opposed to slavish faddishness.

I took part in the Change Management Review’s first Virtual Summit this year. It was an interesting way to do a conference – great value for those who don’t have time to travel, or the budget to do so. I struggled with the lack of real time engagement with it – it was pre-recorded and so you don’t get to measure how you are being received, or adapt to the energy of the audience. Which, in hindsight, is one of my strengths as a speaker. It’s definitely something I would do more of though, great to trial it with some caliber of people! A big thanks to Theresa and the team for inviting me to it.


And finally, I finished up the year with the launch of the #brainpickers series with Lena Ross of Change Hacks. Together we often get asked by people we have no professional history or relationship with to have a coffee so people can pick our brains on topics  (for free). Which is a little bit unfair. Pretty sure my accountant or solicitor don’t get asked to have a coffee and give advice for free. But rather than b*tch and moan about that we decided to turn into a fun piece of content. We’re not sure on frequency yet, but what we intend to do is take topics that people are asking for advice on and do a short video riff on it. Anyway, here’s the first of the series. As you can see that fire was so hot I needed a sleeveless dress 😉

Anyhoo, as always, if you are reading this you have probably been part of what was a pretty sensational year. So thank you. I have a new theme for next year: Easy. I’m looking forward to a continuation of great variety and where things just happen with ease. Over to you, how did your year go – and what is your word for 2017?


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