Time flies when you’re having fun – nearly 2 years have passed since I published 17 Change Management Blogs to follow. Thought it was time to go back and update. In curating this list I have excluded any of the blogs that have not posted in 2014. Now in saying that, if you are new to change management pop back to the other post and check out the full list. Even if they have published a few years ago, trust me there is gold in them!

Interestingly I did notice that a number of the regulars (myself included) slowed down their posting frequency. It can be challenging finding your rhythm – life intervenes, you think nobody reads the posts, you think that you are just repeating yourself… dear Reader, if you are getting value out of the blogs you are reading let the blogger know by virtue of commenting, or sharing on twitter, FB, Linkedin or G+.  Share it at work and let them know. It helps the rhythm 🙂

There’s a couple of wild cards in this one – while all the bloggers have a “brand” to sell, in this list I have included two vendor blogs (Pinipa and Change Scout). While many of their posts are explicitly pimping their products or the reasons for their products, the quality of their content is excellent. You don’t need to buy the product to get value and understanding of what great change management looks like. Similarly, I’ve included the Change Agents World Wide (CAWW) blog. CAWW doesn’t offer you all that much in how to do organisational change management in a traditional sense, but it does give you a glimpse into future state considerations of what work might look like. I think there is value in reflecting on our practice in light of “next practice” of change management.

Anyway, get into it, enjoy, share away and if you know of a dedicated change management blog, let me know. They may not be big social media users or got their SEO cranking!


1) Beth Banks Cohn http://adrachangearchitects.com/

2) Daryl Conner http://www.connerpartners.com/daryl-conner/blog

3) Change Agents World Wide http://blog.changeagentsworldwide.com/

4) change scout http://changescout.com.au/blog/

5) Emily Carr http://practicalchangemanagement.blogspot.com.au/

6) Emma Murphy https://www.thechangesource.com/category/blog/

7) Faith Fuqua Purvis, Ponderings and Insights  http://synergetic-solutions.com/ponderings-insights/

8) Faith Forster Pinipa http://www.pinipa.com/blog/

9) Gail Severini, The Change Whisperer http://gailseverini.com/

10) Garrett Gitchell, End State Change Management http://horizontalchange.com/

11) Heather Stagl http://www.enclaria.com/resources/blog/

12) Jason Little, Agile Coach

13) Joe Gergen, Once more unto the change.

14) Luc Galoppin Reply-MC http://www.reply-mc.com/

15) Martin Fenwick http://www.thechangefactor.com/our-blog/

16) Mile Dave http://changerockstars.com/

17) Sher Kyweriga http://www.people-change-management.com/moxie-the-blog/

18) Steve Chihos http://thebigrocks.com/

19) Torben Rick http://www.torbenrick.eu/blog/



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