In the last post I shared some of the work I have been doing with the community management team behind the Organisational Change Practitioners group on Linkedin. One of the strategic principles is “We are in service to the profession”. One of the tactical ways we have been doing that is sharing dedicated blog posts on change management via the @ocpractitioner twitter account.

The content strategy on this is kind of simple. Most of the business world is unclear on what exactly change management is. There are many domains that overlap – communication, leadership, innovation for example.  So to that end we are sharing posts that are central to the practice of Organisational Change Management (OCM) to assist in providing clarity.

And I’ve got to say there’s not a great number of dedicated change management bloggers! So without further ado – here’s a list I have bookmarked at the moment who are my go to sources. I welcome more — if you know of some-one who is regularly blogging on OCM I would love to know and happy to update.


1) Beth Banks Cohn

2) Bill Braun, Future Possibilities

3) Daryl Conner

4) Emily Carr

5) Faith Fuqua Purvis, Ponderings and Insights

6) Gail Severini, The Change Whisperer

7) Garrett Gitchell, End State Change Management

8) Heather Stagle

9) Jason Little, Agile Coach

10) Joe Gergen, Once more into the change.

11) John Barbuto Limbic Zen

12) Jude Burger, Dancing on Hot Coals

13) Luc Galoppin Reply-MC

14) Martin Fenwick

15) Sher Kyweriga

16) Steve Chihos

17) Torben Rick


PS: and if any one can tell me why the #8 turns into a smiley face I would be very welcome!!

PPS: if you occasionally blog on change management and want the post shared via twitter, hashtag it #ocpractitioner!

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