change management blogsMy wordy! How things have changed? Since publishing the last post on blogs to follow, so many have slowed down or simply stopped blogging. Ten out of the 19 are no longer.

I was wondering about this – I know I struggle to maintain a regular publishing rhythm and that’s often because I’m reluctant to write about the same thing more than once. It’s one of the reason why I am now podcasting – so I can shine a spotlight on others voices and views. As a side note, if you are into podcasts you should also be listening to Enclaria Influence Change at Work, Radio, and Jason Little’s Lean Change – they are the fore-runners in the field.

Blogger Martin Fenwick, in a great post on Linkedin , addresses the issue of the blogger burnout citing frustration that nothing seems to change in change (or in those who are changing) — and paraphrased, so what’s the point of writing.

I have empathy for Martin’s full argument, but remain resolute — if by writing, podcasting, talking about change management we plant nothing more than seeds, we are doing good work. There is a point. Martin – keep writing!!!

I’m not sure why some of these have ceased, boredom, life intervenes with more stuff to do, or different stuff to do, or maybe they never realised that others were reading?  Seriously, if you are getting value out of bloggers do leave them some comment love! Let them know! There are some new comers to this list (either new to me, or new to the blogging scene) welcome Bryan, Lena and Matthew!

As per last time, get into it, enjoy, share away and if you know of a dedicated change management blog, let me know (updated 23.08.16). They may not be big social media users or got their SEO cranking.

  1. Bryan Gorman, Change Mentor 
  2. Change Agents World Wide
  3. Faith Forster Pinipa
  4. Gail Severini, The Change Whisperer
  5. Heather Stagl
  6. Jason Little, Agile Coach
  7. Joe Gergen, Once more unto the change.
  8. Lena Ross,!blogs/vikss
  9.  Luc Galoppin Reply-MC
  10. Martin Fenwick
  11. Matthew Newman, People Change
  12. Torben Rick
  13. Gilbert Kruidenier  Kruidenier Consulting 
  14. Anthony DoMoe Anthony DoMoe
  15. Wendy Hirsch Wendy Hirsch 
  16. Doh. Me. I thought it was a given. Apparently not! The Watercooler 


Special mentions to the following terrific content creators (albeit not quite blogs)

Change Management Review 

The Ironic Manager 

PS – if you are not across the previous bloggers who have stopped now, do go and have a look. The back catalogue is definitely worth the visit.

19 Change Management Blogs to follow

17 Change Management Blogs to follow

Dr Jen Frahm – Author of Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing workplace change.


  1. Thanks for the mention. Stay resolute! You are right about a ‘bit of love’. It’s not even love really it’s just the conversation that you need. There’s nothing better than a comment or a challenge to what you’ve said. It at least means the thought that you’ve put out there is worth having.
    I’m experimenting with going out first on LinkedIn and then on my web for a while but I’m noticing that Linkedin is now so full of noise and competing voices that it’s hard to be heard there too. So blogs like yours that direct people to other blogs are fantastic.
    The whole thing sounds like a good analogy for change. Voices not being heard, frustration, giving up and then some strong direction and guidance. Maybe I should blog that 🙂

    • mm Jen Frahm says:

      DO IT! You’re onto something there…

      For what it’s worth, I’m using LinkedIn as a follow up post now – picking up an older post and reposting in full on linked with a link back to the blog. That seems to be increasing the readership for the blog, and I’m not having to create new or dual content. From what I have read you don’t get a SEO smack for duplicate content if there is a period of time between the reposting.

      Look forward to reading your next 🙂

  2. Great! This is an extensive list of change management blogs. Some of them I’ve seen, and some I will definitely be checking out asap. I got a lot of useful stuff out of these blogs. Thank you so much for providing the best list of articles.

  3. Torben Rick says:

    Thanks for a great list.

  4. Gary Gruber says:

    Been blogging for about 7 years, still at it and as I look back over some 200+ posts, the majority are about change, the one constant in our lives. My tag line is “Change is inevitable. Plan carefully.” That applies to both organizations and individuals. Life is not static, it is organic and dynamic and when we grasp the meaning of that, and the impact, we have a much better change to manage change rather than having change manage us. In my latest post, I conclude with the two kinds of change, planned and unplanned. What you do with both of those is up to you, and those closest to you. Whether you are the CEO of big or small, the change principles are the same. Same with the CEO of a family.

  5. Paul Thoresen says:

    Being First has put out some fantastic blogs.

  6. Thanks so much for keeping me in! I am humbled – so much great thinking! Love your new podcasts! And some that are new to me that I look forward to diving into. I confess I slow down when big engagements ramp up … then I need a little recovery time. Ramping up for Fall so stand by.

  7. jenny says:

    Great piece of content.Very much helpful.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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