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Welcome to Conversations of Change – an online home to help you build your change capability. Within this site you’ll find a wide range of resources and content to inspire and educate.
I’m Dr Jen Frahm, the founder of Conversations of Change and delighted to see you here.

You see, I’m absolutely committed to raising the bar of change capability in organisations. Way too many do it badly, and that just has to stop!

I’m a life long learner and a former educator (university lecturer) – I live by the adage: “As I teach, so do I learn, as I learn, so do I teach“.

I did my PhD back in the early 2000’s and on the domains of continuous change, employee receptivity and change communication.  A bit of a mouthful really! And I’ve worked in change, like *really* worked in change for twenty years now.

You’ll often find me at conferences that have nothing to do with organisational change. I think it’s really important to expand your knowledge beyond your specialisation. Long live the T Shaped career!

So help yourself to the articles, podcasts, e-books, and my newsletter ‘Change Nuggets’ – they’re all free. If you want to take it to the next level, head to my shop  and have a look at the webinars (coming), workshops, and of course my book. If you want me to speak at your conference or organisation, the Newsroom might help you too.

“Dr Jen has de-mystified the field of change management and provided professionals at all levels of an organization the basic tools, knowledge and inspiration to make informed decisions about small and large scale change in their organization.”
Gabrielle Steckman, CEO, My Integra
“You know you are doing right, when other change managers (me) share your content with their clients and early career change resources, point to it and say: ‘You see?! What she said!’ Could not be more timely Jen, a much-needed resource.”
Gilbert Kruidenier, Experienced change program and project manager
“Conversations of Change is relevant to anyone who wants to manage people, drive change or understand the subtle positive influences one can make in the workplace.” James Shirley, Project Manager, Digital Projects, AKQA

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