There’s been much mention in the business press of the likelihood of a GFC 2.  The noise surrounding GFC 2 is distracting, anxiety provoking, and is likely to be keeping your top team’s mind off your business’s key focus.

One way to manage the uncertainty of this time is to generate a GFC 2 Change Roadmap.  A GFC 2 Change Roadmap will identify triggers for change and work through the implications for structure, process, people, systems, products and customers.



It’s risk management from a change perspective.

Low commitment, high comfort.

It’s a difficult time to take the foot off the pedal, stop, reflect and assess. But isn’t it better to be doing this and understanding what your business change options are in advance, than be forced into a highly reactionary response that is likely to alienate your key talent and your best customers?

Additionally, what if stopping to look at your change roadmap options highlighted some preventative opportunities – new product ideas, service solutions, customer segments not currently considered?

Let Conversations of Change take you and your top team through a facilitated change readiness and impact one-day workshop designed to produce a change roadmap that allows you the peace of mind in moving forward with your business.

Don’t be worrying about whether GFC 2 will happen, just be ready if it does.


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