Our increasingly frenetic workplaces don’t allow much time for reflection on business and career goals.

You may be faced with business and career challenges that require a new perspective. Or maybe you just need to push the pause button and take a step back. That’s what our executive retreats and workshops are designed for.

You may be thinking about how to be prepared for GFC 2 and want to do a Change Readiness Roadmap workshop.

Or it may appeal more to get out of the office with an offsite retreat.

Our retreats provide a safe space to start a conversation of change (minus the whiteboards and fluorescent lighting).

What you get is a series of structured, facilitated sessions with creative thinkers and professionals who have a breadth of experience to offer and constructive advice to share.

New ideas will be sparked, old ways of thinking challenged and experiences shared. Along the way we swap stories, make new contacts and perhaps share a glass or two of wine. Join us!

“I wasn’t exactly in the right frame of mind when I was invited to join the Conversations of Change retreat last month.  It had been a challenging year and I used every tool in the box to keep myself afloat!  I’d evolved, the landscape had flipped and I had a great company but no direction for 2010.  I attended due to Jennifer’s reputation, the content and the selection process. My must-have outcome was ‘clarity and vision’ for 2010.  What I got was a new company!  Literally! And more importantly, one page plans by function to implement immediately.  I was poked, prodded and guided to explore a mix of personal and business questions with an amazing group of high level, pragmatic, gorgeous people.  I left exhilarated and in love with my business and gagging for next year.”
Kelly Quinn - Superfox Brand & Marketing Management
“The Conversation of Change Retreat allowed us to explore the challenges and opportunities in our businesses. As a group, we assisted each other to draw out concrete insights specific to each participant, and yet common to many of us, which we could immediately implement in our own businesses.”
Amanda Boland-Curran - Australasian CRC for Interaction Design
“My Conversations of Change experience provided the opportunity to collaborate in a non-threatening environment with generous, self-aware professionals who gave me honest and constructive feedback on my personal and professional development and helped me flesh out a realistic path forward for success in my current role.</em><em>I was moved by having the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to others’ journey. My personal take-aways comprised not only a practical action plan but reassurance and validation of how I felt I have been tracking in my role and career.”
Susan Lambe - Senior Communications Advisor, Aker Solutions